All You Need To Know About The Caps’ Victory Parade

Contributed by BreAnna Bell

After the Washington Capitalss monumental Stanley Cup win Thursday night, the team has finally announced the date and details of the parade celebrating their championship win.

The parade is set to begin Tuesday at 11 a.m., News4 first reported. The celebration will roll down Constitution Avenue from 23rd to 7th streets NW, with optimal viewing between 17th and 7th. The parade will then turn right and end with an ALLCAPS rally at 7th and the National Mall, Monumental Sports, the group that owns the team, announced Friday afternoon.

The parade will be free and open to the public. More details will come soon, planners say.

Trains will operate throughout the day on rush hour frequencies and will go into the evening commute to accommodate parade goers. Trains will depart end-of-line stations every eight minutes, with service as frequent as every two to four minutes at downtown stations, Metro said.

According to the parade application Monumental Sports submitted Thursday morning, before the team’s win, the team expects a turn out of at least 100,000.

Planners say we can expect Jumbotrons, tents, banners/signs, open-air buses, trailers, medical tents/RVs and bleachers, among other equipment, according to the application.

For more on the parade and street closures, see here.

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