Another Mistrial In Ray Tensing Case, Regular Red Line Service Returns After Chaotic Morning

Another Mistrial In Ray Tensing Case

There’s now a second mistrial in the case involving officer Ray Tensing in Ohio. Tensing is a former University of Cincinnati police officer facing murder charges in the shooting death of unarmed African-American Sam DuBose during a traffic stop in 2015. In the second trial, jurors deliberated more than 30 hours over five days. They told the judge today they are hopelessly deadlocked.

Wash Post: Obama Sought To Punish Putin For Election Meddling

The Obama Administration reportedly spent months mulling over how to retaliate against the Kremlin for interfering in the 2016 election. The “Washington Post” says intelligence detailing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s direct involvement in a cyber campaign to discredit the U.S. presidential race was presented to the Obama Administration. Obama also approved a covert measure that authorized planting cyber weapons in Russia’s infrastructure. The report describes that as the digital equivalent of bombs that could be detonated, if the U.S. was in an escalating exchange with Moscow.

Regular Red Line Service Returns After Chaotic Morning

It was not a good morning to be on Metro’s busiest line. WMATA says the Red Line was shut down in two different segments this morning due to arcing insulators. The first problem arose around 8 a.m. outside the Medical Center station, forcing trains to single-track. Over an hour later, another track issue was reported outside Dupont Circle. Service was completely halted between Dupont Circle and Van Ness. Regular service resumed on the Red Line by 11 a.m.

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