‘Ashanti Alert’ for Abducted Adults Goes Into Effect July 1

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NBCNews Washington says, a new program will take effect July 1, sending out an alert for adult abductions.

The bill, which is called the “Virginia Critically Missing Adult Alert Program,” would apply to missing persons in between those ages, but there would be strict requirements. Investigators would have to believe the missing adult was abducted and their disappearance is a credible threat.

The ‘Ashanti Alert,’ named after Ashanti Billie, is meant for adults who are too big for Amber Alerts, but too young for silver alerts.

Billie did not meet the requirements for either alert systems reserved for critically missing persons. Amber alerts are reserved for children under the age of 17 while Silver alerts are for missing seniors.

Billie was a 19-year-old from Prince George’s County who police say was abducted from a naval base in Virginia and later found dead in North Carolina. She was reported missing on Sept. 18 after she failed to show up for work. Her cellphone was found in a dumpster a few hours later. Police in Virginia Beach reached out to the media the next afternoon, more than 30 hours after her cell phone was found, according to The Virginian-Pilot.

Billie’s parents believes alerts should be in place for suspicious situations like the one their daughter was in.

Virginia House Del. Jerrauld “Jay” Jones of Norfolk introduced the bill.

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