ATF Agents Arrest Suspected Edgewood Park Shoote, Fairfax Police Looking For Other Craigslist Sexual Assault Victims Answering A Job ad…

ATF agents arrest suspected Edgewood Park shooter…

Maryland State Police are working to bring the man suspected of shooting co-workers at an Edgewood Business Park back to the state. 37-year-old Radee Prince
was arrested yesterday by police in Newark, Delaware. His arrest followed a brief
foot chase. Prince who has been arrested 42 times and convicted of 15 felony crimes is wanted for shooting 5 co-workers, killing 3 and then driving to Delaware and shooting a used car dealer that he knew in the head. He is expected to survive.

Fairfax Police looking for other Craigslist sexual assault victims answering a job ad…

Fairfax County Police have arrested a man they say placed fake Craigslist job ads to attract female victims that he would sexually assault. 44-year-old Imtiaz Rauf is a sex offender who has been taken into custody for the assault of a woman who answered his administrative job ad. She was attacked in a Reston Business Park building. Police believe there could be more victims and they are urged to contact police if they or someone they know has come into contact with Rauf.

Former President Obama stumps for Gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam today…

Former President Barack Obama is set to hit the campaign trail today for Virginia
Gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam. The election is 3 weeks away on November 7th. New polls show Republican candidate Ed Gillespie has closed the point gap and the candidates are in a statistical death tie.

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