DC Being Sued In $1 Billion Lawsuit For Gentrification

Contributed by BreAnna Bell

Within the last month, civil rights lawyer Aristotle Theresa filed a $1 billion lawsuit against the district on behalf of native D.C. residents for the discrimination of age, source of income, race, family, religion, and matriculation in their agenda to “attract the Creative Class,” Vibe reports.

According to the suit, over the last 12 years, planning agencies have used land use policy to further push this new agenda of gentrifying lower income neighborhoods in the DC metropolitan area rather than using city initiatives to further improve the lives of current residents.

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Several DC agencies are being sought after in damages and displacement (the D.C. zoning commission, housing authority office of planning and office of the deputy mayor for planning and economic development). The city’s response is due to be filed by June 25.

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