Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Hits Historic Low

There is no question that President Donald Trump’s run as president has been nothing short of groundbreaking, but not in a good way.

ABC News and The Washington Post both ran a recent poll, which says that President Trump has had the lowest six-month approval rating of any president in the last 70 years. President Trump’s approval ratings ranks in at 36 percent, which takes the lead from Gerald Ford’s 39 percent back in 1975.

Politico reports that former president Barack Obama’s approval ratings came in at 59 percent, as well as George W. Bush’s.

Obama’s first six months in office consisted of his new methods of interacting with Afghanistan and Pakistan, a proposal of his new energy policy, and traveling to Middle Eastern countries to restore peace agreements.

However, Trump’s first six months in office has consisted of protests (i.e. the Women’s March), his heavily disputed travel ban and new plans for our healthcare system, and the missile attack on Syria that left 86 innocent civilians dead, according to ABC News.

Most of the Americans who polled in the six-month assessment have found issues with Trump’s ability to lead the nation, his ideas and plans for our healthcare system, and his relationship with Russia during his campaign. All of these elements are what is mainly affecting his percentage.

The poll also found that just 38 percent of citizens believe that Trump is making positive progress with the goals he put forth as president, and almost half of these citizens also believe America has weakened tremendously as a world power since Trump took office.

Elite Daily reports that the poll surveyed a random sample pool of 1,001 adults in both English and Spanish from July 10-13. Per ABC News, the expected margin error is 3.5 points.

 – Contributed by Amaya Starkey

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