Trump Deposed In Restaurant Lawsuit,Feds Raid Prince George’s Liquor Board

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FBI Raids Prince George’s County Liquor Board

The FBI has arrested two workers at the Prince George’s County liquor board. Agents could be seen this morning raiding the board’s Largo offices on “court-authorized work.” “ABC-7” reports two employees were served warrants and arrested. The FBI is also reportedly investigating other locations in the county related to the liquor board. It’s unclear if the raid has anything to do with former chairman Charles Caldwell’s DUI arrest and eventual resignation last month.

Trump Finishes Deposition In Restaurant Lawsuit

Donald Trump is done answering questions under oath today in a restaurant lawsuit he filed against a celebrity chef he says backed out of a deal. Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks said the President-elect completed a deposition today in the suit against Jose Andres. The lawsuit is one of two related to restaurants Trump planned for his Washington, DC hotel. Trump sued Andres after the chef dropped his plans to build a restaurant inside Trump International Hotel near the White House because of what he called Trump’s disparaging comments about immigrants.

White House To GOP: Think Twice Before Repealing Obamacare

Presidential spokesman Josh Earnest is urging Republicans to think twice about repealing Obamacare. Earnest told a briefing that up to 30-million Americans could be hurt by the repeal. He noted that Republicans have still not put forth legitimate plans to replace the healthcare law. Earnest insisted that Obamacare is working. Vice President-elect Mike Pence said this week that repealing Obamacare is the top priority of the new Trump administration. Congressional Democrats warned that Republicans are about to throw the entire healthcare system into chaos.

Four 18-Year-Old Suspects To Face Charges For Chicago Torture

Four African-American teens are charged with hate crimes in the beating of a Chicago man shown on Facebook Live. Video of the assault shows the attackers shouting anti-Trump and anti-white expletives as they kicked and punched their 18-year-old victim.

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