Harvey Continues To Devastate Texas, Klan Demonstrator Waives Extradition On Charlottesville

Harvey Continues To Devastate Texas Gulf Coast

Heavy rain is continuing to devastate parts of the Texas Gulf Coast as Houston and other cities deal with rising flood levels. Tropical Storm Harvey will continue to pour rain in the area today, and forecasters warn that the massive storm will probably hit the Texas coast once again later this week. The water-rescues continue and shelters report they are starting to overflow with people seeking relief. The National Weather Service says south Houston has been hit with an unprecedented 43 inches of rain since Harvey barreled ashore as a Category 4 hurricane Friday. The storm has shattered the U.S. rainfall record for a tropical storm.

Trump Gets Harvey Briefing In Texas

President Trump is being briefed on recovery efforts in Texas as Tropical Storm Harvey thrashes parts of the Texas Gulf Coast. After arriving in Corpus Christi, the President said many levels of the federal government are working on Harvey recovery efforts. He set a high bar on recovery and said, “We want to do it better than ever before.” Trump also praised state and local officials. FEMA chief Brock Long warned that recovery will be long and difficult but said the federal government is fully ready to help.

New Orleans Mayor Urges Residents To Stay Home

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu is telling the city’s residents to stay put amid the threat of torrential rainfall and flooding from Harvey. On this 12th anniversary of Katrina, the Big Easy is continuing to struggle with its drainage system. Heavy rains, coupled with the fact that some pumps and turbines are out of service, could leave parts of town flooded again as happened back on August 5th.

MD Klan Demonstrator Waives Extradition On Charlottesville, VA Gun Charges

An admitted Ku Klux Klan leader from Rosedale is waiving extradition to Virginia on charges that he fired a gun during the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville. Fifty-two-year-old Richard Preston may be transferred to Virginia as early as today after a video court appearance from the Baltimore County Detention Center. Preston was seen on video, allegedly yelling the “N” word and firing a gun into the crowd protesting the Unite The Right rally on August 12.

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