Hospital In Texas Evacuated, Metrobus Drivers Demanding More Security After Urine Incident.

Baptist Hospital In Beaumont Evacuated

A Baptist Hospital in Beaumont, Texas is being evacuated as the city is without water. The hospital says it has no other choice but to stop all services. More than two-hundred patients are being transferred to other care facilities in Southeast Texas. The city is without water after Hurricane Harvey damaged the city’s water pumps. City officials say they cannot repair the pumps until floodwaters recede.

Red Cross Uncertain How Much Will Go To Harvey Relief

The Red Cross is uncertain about what portion of donations will go directly to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. In an interview with “NPR,” Red Cross Executive Brad Kieserman was unable to say how much of every dollar donated would go to hurricane victims, and how much would go towards administrative costs. In 2014, investigative nonprofit “Pro Publica” reported that the Red Cross misstated how donor dollars were spent. In 2010, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley released a study claiming that the Red Cross had spent one-quarter of the money donors gave for earthquake relief in Haiti on internal expenses.

Governor Hogan Proposes $68-Million In State Budget Cuts

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan will propose about 68-million dollars in cuts to the state budget next week. “The Baltimore Sun” reports the governor is pushing for cuts in such budget items as local aid to school districts, colleges, and the juvenile justice system. Budget Secretary David Brinkley says there is no indication the state is coming up short on cash, but that the Hogan administration is, quote, “trying to get ahead of the curve.” The cuts will be considered by the Board of Public Works next Wednesday.

Metrobus Drivers Demanding More Security After Urine Incident

Metrobus drivers are asking for improved safety, otherwise action will be taken. Opal Brown was arrested this week for dousing a driver in a cup of urine. Metro employees tell WUSA-9 that passenger harassment is a constant issue. Officials have installed surveillance cameras and plexiglass dividers in some buses, but it isn’t enough for the drivers’ union. They say they are considering a weekend protest unless Metro takes significant steps in operator safety.

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