Illinois Highway Named After Barack Obama


According to ABC 7 Chicago, “a joint resolution passed the General Assembly to designate about an 80-mile section of I-55” to honor Obama. Barack Obama Presidential Expressway will be the official name for Interstate 55, stretching from the Chicago suburbs to the city of Pontiac.

According to Architectural Digest, the legislation to give Obama his own Illinois highway was originally drafted in January.

La Shawn Ford, Democratic State Rep., acknowledged that this was a route the former state senator was very familiar with. “President Obama traveled 55 on his way to Springfield,” said Ford.

As of today, the Illinois Department of Transportation does not have a completed timeline of when the new signage will go up.

Rep. Ford also mentioned that Obama would not have the highway all to himself, explaining that “Paul Simon also has…dedication on 55.” The Paul Simon Freeway covers the end of the interstate near the intersection of the Mississippi River heading to St. Louis.

 – Contributed by Devyn Rorie

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