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Police: 21 Wounded In CA Mass Shooting

Law enforcement officials say the number of people wounded in yesterday’s mass shooting in San Bernardino is now 21.  San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said at a news conference the suspects fired up to 75 rounds at the county office complex.  Fourteen people were killed in the attack.  Burguan said the shooters sprayed the room with bullets.  Three pipe bombs combined into one were also recovered at the scene.  There was a remote control linked to the bombs found in the shooters’ SUV.

More Witnesses Called In First Freddie Gray Trial

More prosecution witnesses are taking the stand today in the trial of a Baltimore police officer charged in the death of Freddie Gray.  Officer John Bilheimer testified about training Officer William Porter at the police academy on proper procedures, including belting in prisoners in police vehicles.  Porter is facing involuntary manslaughter and other charges for Gray’s death last April from injuries suffered while being transported to a police station.

DC No Longer Black Majority City

New Census Bureau figures show the District of Columbia is no longer a black majority city.  The statistics peg the black or African American share of the DC population at 49-point-six-percent compared to 40-point-two-percent white and nine-point-nine-percent Hispanic or Latino.  The last time blacks made up less than half of the city’s population was in the 1950s.  The latest data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey shows the District’s  total population is up more than eight-point-four-percent from 2010 to nearly 634-thousand people.

Defense Chief Opens All Combat Jobs To Women

Defense Secretary Ash Carter is opening all combat jobs to women.  Carter told a Pentagon briefing that the modern military can’t afford to cut itself off from more than half of the nation’s talents and skills.  Carter argued that there should be no barriers that limit access to talent.  He said, “Everyone who’s able and willing to serve their country should have the full and equal opportunity to do so.”

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