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Commissioner Confirms Suspect Arrested In CCP Incident

Philadelphia’s police commissioner says a 17-year-old suspect has been taken into custody in connection with this morning’s lockdown at Community College of Philadelphia.  The commissioner says the suspect did not resist arrest when he was arrested inside a classroom at the School for Business and Industry on the college campus.  The commissioner says while the suspect was apprehended he did not have any weapon in his possession and police continue to search the campus for the reported gun.

DC Councilmember Going To Bat For Workers

DC Councilmember David Grosso plans to introduce a bill today that would help workers facing significant life events.  The Universal Paid Leave Act of 2015 would allow folks employed in the District, or DC residents who work outside the city, to access a government fund that would pay for up to four months of leave for certain qualifying events.  Some of those events include having a baby and major surgery.

Report: Amtrak To Suspend Service Unless Safety Deadline Extended

Amtrak is threatening to suspend service unless Congress extends a deadline to implement new safety measures.  Lawmakers want rail companies to install positive train control on tracks they own by December 31st, but the railroads say it will be impossible to meet that deadline.  According to Reuters, Amtrak said in a letter to Senator John Thune that it will suspend service on its national network in mid-December unless Congress pushes back the deadline.  The South Dakota Republican chairs the Senate Commerce Committee.  Amtrak says it would continue service on track that it owns including much of the Northeast Corridor between DC and Boston.

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