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A Child Stays in Critical Care, After Being Struck

The 3 year old, hit by a vehicle last night during rush hour in Temple Hills, is still fighting for his life. The boy was trying to cross the intersection at st. barnabas and stamp roads, with his parents.

The driver pulled over immediately and remained at the scene. Police say the family did not use the crosswalk. so far no charges have been filed.

NYPD’S Commissioner is Pointing Fingers, After Cop Killings

Commissioner Bill Bratton is blaming the murder of two nypd officers on recent protests in the city. Demonstrations stemming from the deaths of Michael Brown, and Eric Garner.

Bratton tells NBC’s “today” show that the two officers were killed “as a direct spinoff” of the demonstrations.

Popular Coffee Maker Facing Large Recall

Keurig says almost 7 million brewing machines are being recalled in the U.S.

The is recalling the Keurig Mini Plus Brewers, with the model number k-ten and serial numbers starting with 31, could overheat liquids, spray out, and burn users. The company is also recalling more than five-hundred-thousand units in Canada.



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