More Startling Details In The Las Vegas Shooting Case Revealed, Equifax Security Breach Bigger Than First Thought, Over 140 Million People Affected…

More startling details in the Las Vegas shooting case revealed…

The FBI says ammonium nitrate was found in the vehicle owned by the Las Vegas shooter. In his hotel room 23 guns were found, 19 in his home. Investigators are still looking for a motif in the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. Tomorrow President Trump will visit with some of the victims in Las Vegas. Today he’s in Puerto Rico assessing the damage from Hurricane Maria.

Police search for a suspect who sexually assaulted an elementary school girl…

Prince George’s County police are looking for the man who sexually assaulted an elementary school girl as she walked from the bus stop home. It happened last
Thursday near the Devon Hill apartment complex in Ft.Washington. Police are working on a composite sketch of the suspect.

Equifax security breach bigger than first thought, over 140 million people affected…

An investigation has found another 2.5 million consumers may have been affected by the Equifax security breach. That would bring the number to 145 million consumers that have been affected by this massive breach. In Maryland and Virginia, there is no charged to freeze your credit. Later today DC leaders plan to vote on a bill that would offer that same financial break to District residents.

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