Officer Not Guilty Of Internal Charges In Freddie Gray Case, FBI Tries To Unlock TX Shooter’s Cell Phone

Officer Not Guilty Of Internal Charges In Freddie Gray Case

A Baltimore police officer is not guilty of all of the administrative charges against him related to the death of Freddie Gray. A police trial board today cleared Officer Caesar Goodson Jr. of nearly two dozen internal charges brought by the police department. Goodson was acquitted of second-degree “depraved heart” murder and other charges last year in a criminal trial. He was driving the police van in which Gray suffered a severe spinal cord injury that led to his death more than two years ago.  Today’s ruling means Goodson cannot be fired and Police Commissioner Kevin Davis must accept the findings of the trial board.

Stormy Weather Could Impact Voter Turnout

It’s election day in Virginia and in some Maryland cities but Mother Nature doesn’t want to cooperate. Heavy rain is expected later this afternoon across Northern Virginia and in Maryland, and elections officials will see if the weather has an impact on voter turnout. Voters in Virginia are heading to the polls to choose their next governor. In places like Annapolis, voters are picking a new mayor. Voters in Frederick, Maryland are also choosing a new mayor. Municipal elections are also taking place in Gaithersburg and College Park.

Montgomery County Unanimously Approves $15/Hr Minimum Wage

The fight for 15 is a success in Montgomery County. The county council unanimously approved a measure this morning that will increase the minimum wage in the county to 15-dollars-an-hour. Companies with over 50 employees will have to comply by 2021. Smaller companies with 10 or fewer employees have until 2024. County executive Ike Leggett vetoed a different minimum wage bill earlier this year, saying the timeline was unrealistic. Today’s vote is veto-proof.

FBI Tries To Unlock TX Shooter’s Cell Phone

Texas police will not release details today regarding a motive behind the shooting on Sunday in Sutherland Springs that killed 26 people. Freeman Martin with the Texas Department of Public Safety said today police have already discussed how the shooter had a dispute with his mother-in-law, and how the mother-in-law attended the church. However, Martin did remark that there’s no evidence of any political or religious motivation behind the attack. Martin warned the crime scene is massive and that investigators have been on site for only 48 hours.

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