Primary Elections in Maryland, Travel Ban Upheld, Possible Ride Sharing Price Hike In DC


Voters head to the polls in Maryland

Voters go to the polls today for primary elections in Maryland. Party nominees for governor, U.S. senate and congress on the ballot, as well as candidates for county executive in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties. All 47 state senate and delegate seats up for grabs. A computer glitch may cause any of 80-thousand voters, who changed addresses or party affiliations at the MVA from April 22nd of 2017 to June 5th of this year, to have to cast a provisional ballot.

High Court upholds Trump travel ban

In a 5-4 ruling the Supreme Court today upheld restrictions on travel and immigration by people from several Muslim-majority nations that include–Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen. It also affects travelers from North Korea, as well as Venezuela.  President Trump calls the ruling vindication and a victory for the U.S. and the Constitution.

DC Council debates ride sharing price increase

The DC Council is scheduled to decide if the price of Uber and Lyft rides will increase. The council will vote today on a proposal to hike the ride-share tax from one to six percent. The revenue generated would go toward funding Metro.

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