Prince George’s County School leaders are dealing with another claim of abuse…

National Guard called into Charlotte, NC….

The National Guard has been deployed in Charlotte, NC. Overnight the Governor issued a state of emergency after protests turned violent for a second night. Mayor Jennifer Roberts says she is trying to get the family of Keith Scott access to video of his shooting. The NC Chapter of the NAACP is calling on police to release any and all video pertaining to the shooting to the public.

Arrest of a mix teen girl over a bicycle accident leads to a big protest…

In Hagerstown, Md protestors gathered last night to demand answers to why a 15 year old of mixed race was arrested and pepper sprayed several times following a bicycle accident. The video went viral minutes later. The family of the teen has hired an attorney.

Prince George’s County School leaders are dealing with another claim of abuse…

There’s a new charge of abuse involving a Prince George’s County adult student. 5 employee’s have been place on leave. According to reports on Sept. 14th a Nurse not employed by the school system beat a special needs student on a school bus. It was reported to police the next day.

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