Reports Claim Richard Simmons Is Undergoing A Sex Change

Fitness guru Richard Simmons disappeared from the public eye in 2014. However, more recently his name began to appear in headlines again. Most stories were centered around theories as to why he became reclusive.

The National Enquirer published a series of articles answering the questions everyone wanted to know. According to the National Enquirer, Simmons was busy undergoing a “shocking sex surgery,” receiving breast implants, hormone treatments and medical castration to transition from male to female.

The publications went on to call him “the new Caitlyn Jenner” also saying he was living as woman under the name Fiona. These publications were also accompanied by several photos of Simmons wearing black dresses and coral wigs. Simmons has been known for wearing outrageous outfits.

In May Simmons finally responded by filing a libel lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against American Media, the owner of National Enquirer and Radar Online, claiming the articles were “cruel and malicious.”

The suit states, “The cover of the article, 100% entirely dedicated to the false story about Mr. Simmons’ transition, included an old image of Mr. Simmons from 2013 (before his disappearance), dressed in costume as a female, which he has done openly over the years consistent with his well-known and longstanding burlesque-style entertainment persona,” including the headline, ‘Richard Simmons: He’s Now a Woman!’”

Last month American Media finally responded Simmons’ lawsuit, demanding it be thrown out of court. The media company denies every allegation made by Simmons. A spokesperson for American Media told People Magazine, “we stand by our reporting about him, all of which was based on solid sourcing and material evidence.”

According to The Jasmine Brand, American Media also claims their transition stories are not “highly offensive to a reasonable person” while also claiming Simmons’ reputation was tarnished before the articles were published “making him libel-proof,” therefore he has no place to sue.

 – Contributed by Devyn Rorie

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