Republicans Raise The Curtain On Big New Tax Plan, AU Releases Surveillance Image Of Potential Flier Suspect

Republicans Raise The Curtain On Big New Tax Plan

Republicans are raising the curtain on their big new tax plan today. If it passes, it would be the most comprehensive overhaul of the U.S. tax code in more than 30-years. The proposal would lower the corporate tax rate from 35-percent to 20-percent. Republicans say there will be notable tax cuts for individuals, though Democrats call it a giveaway to the wealthy. The GOP plan eliminates most itemized deductions, except for charitable donations and the popular home mortgage interest deduction. Congressional Republican leaders will talk about the proposal in a news briefing today. President Trump will tout the plan during a speech in Indianapolis this afternoon.

AU Releases Surveillance Image Of Potential Flier Suspect

American University is releasing an image of the man who may be responsible for leaving hateful messages on campus. Ten fliers with the Confederate flag, the message “Huzzah for Dixie,” and a cotton branch were found on the school’s grounds yesterday. In a surveillance image released this morning, the potential suspect appears to be a white man in his 40s, around five-foot-ten. He is seen wearing an orange hard hat and a reflective vest, with a pink shirt, camouflage pants, and dirty gloves.

Police: Woman Douses Metrobus Driver With Juice

A 24-year-old woman is under arrest for allegedly spraying a Metrobus driver with juice. Metro Transit Police say Allison Thomas boarded a “W-1” bus last night with her children. They say when the driver pulled away before the family sat down, she allegedly confronted the driver and doused him with a bottle of Sunny Delight. Police say she fled the bus when it came to a stop, but officers arrested her nearby. She’s charged with simple assault and resisting arrest, and she was also arrested on an outstanding warrant in Prince George’s County.

Man Found Dead In Temple Hills

Police are investigating a potential homicide in Temple Hills. Prince George’s County Police say they were called to the four-thousand block of Rocky Mount Drive around 12:40 this morning. A man was found shot dead at the scene. Officials do not believe the incident was random.

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