Sean Spicer Taking A More Private Role at the White House

Daily press briefings have been a White House tradition recently not kept up with. Since President Trump has been in office, press briefings have been less frequent, shorter in duration and often off camera and White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, hasn’t heard the last of it.

Along with the lack of briefings, it has been rumored that Spicer is looking for his replacement as the White House press secretary.

On Tuesday, Sean Spicer held his first on-camera briefing in over a week in which he addressed these rumors. When asked about his rumored search for a new press secretary, Spicer responded by saying, “I’m right here.”

Despite his physical presence, Spicer did admit that the White House had been, “…meeting with potential people who may be of service to this administration,” said Spicer. “We’ve been seeking input from individuals as far as ideas that they have.”

He hasn’t made any official statements on whether his role in the White House will change or not but one could assume that it is safe to say that he is looking for a replacement and taking on more of a ‘backstage’ role as opposed to one behind the podium.

His possible switch in roles in the White House seems to have been one of a few things that Spicer was unable to give an official statement about. When asked the million-dollar question, “…does President Trump believe that the Russian government interfered in the 2016 elections?” Spicer responded by saying, “I have not sat down and talked to him about that specific thing,” which came as a surprise to many.

This, being something that could be discovered via President Trump’s twitter, and many other things that someone in Spicer’s position should know were left uncovered and unanswered at Tuesday’s press briefing.

According to David A. Graham, a writer from The Atlantic, the words, “get back to you on that,” had become a catchphrase for Spicer. It then becomes difficult to not correlate Spicer’s inability or conscious decision to refrain from answering certain questions in his briefing with the lack of daily, on-camera press briefings entirely.

During the briefing, Spicer was asked about the idea of less on-camera briefings. Spicer then rebutted by saying, “I think that briefing is one aspect of what we do…when you look at the number of availability and interviews that the president has given, its plenty significant compared to past administrations.”

President Trump, seemingly indifferent to the public’s want for more briefings, goes to Twitter to say, “Maybe the best thing to do would be to cancel all future “press briefings” and hand out written responses for the sake of accuracy???”
What kind of press briefings, if any, should we expect from the White House in the future? It’s still tough to say, but whether or not they will include Spicer behind the podium is still up for discussion.

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