Teen Grace Bush Graduated from High School and College in Same Week

Grace Bush, an ambitious 16-year old, accepted her diploma from high school and bachelor’s degree from college in the same week.

“I think anyone my age can do what I did,” Bush told TODAY.com. “It’s not hard — it’s just hard work.”

The Florida teen earned her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Florida Atlantic University with a 3.8 GPA. She later received her diploma from Florida Atlantic University High School where the dual-enrollment program on campus allowed her to earn college credits while completing her secondary education, without the costs of university tuition.

While completing her high school coursework and playing flute in two orchestras, Bush managed to obtain a criminal justice degree along with minoring in Spanish.

Although this type of graduation may be surreal to most teens, Grace said this  graduation sequence actually “feels normal to me.”

Grace’s oldest sister, Gisla, 19, also graduated from the dual program at Florida Atlantic University and is working towards a  master’s degree in urban planning. Sister Gabrielle, 17, is graduating this summer from the same program.

Gisla Bush, the girls’ mother said, “we have children that are normal,” she stated. “They’re not Einsteins. We helped set them on this path, but they’re the ones who worked hard — and they feel so proud of that.”

Bush completed her degrees at the same time and she did so in three short years. Bush says she started taking college courses at Broward College at the age of 13 to accomplish her goal. She also took summer classes.

Grace will be advancing her education at FAU, working towards a master’s degree in public administration while studying for her LSAT, with a concentration in a legal career.

“I’m interested in the juvenile area,” Grace stated. “I want to basically keep as many kids out of the system as possible.”

There is no doubt that Bush has plans for the future.

“I believe that my purpose in life is to create peace,” Grace proclaimed. “Being a judge on the Supreme Court is something that can help me do that.”

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