The Region Prepares for Hurricane Florence, Protests Erupt Over Police Shooting In Dallas, and Vandals Target DC Fire Hydrants

Hurricane Florence Advancing

Maryland and Virginia are preparing for Hurricane Florence with States of Emergency declared there. Florence is expected to make landfall Thursday along the Carolina coast.
Meantime, according to the Brookings Institution, African Americans may be hit hardest. Its findings show a disproportionate number of Blacks live in neighborhoods where housing units are susceptible to crumbling under hurricane winds, with residents there typically lacking the resources to relocate or purchase flood insurance.  The Kaiser Family Health Foundation adds that following Hurricane Harvey, just 13 percent of Black applicants were approved for FEMA assistance compared to 34 percent for Whites.

Protests over shooting of unarmed black man


Protesters are taking to the streets over the shooting death last week of an unarmed black man by a white Dallas police officer.  Officer Amber Guyger says she shot Botham Jean after she mistakenly entered his apartment, thinking it was hers. Guyger and Jean lived in the same complex. The officer is charged with manslaughter, though Dallas’ district attorney says more serious charges could be levied.

Fire hydrant vandalism

DC police are trying to find out who is opening fire hydrants around the city. DC Water officials say about a half-a-dozen hydrants were opened over the past several days, sending thousands of gallons of water down the drain. People reported seeing a man opening a hydrant at 6th and H streets, Northeast yesterday morning. Police say they are not certain if one person is responsible for all the incidents.

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