Trump Immigration Order, DC Retrocession

Kelly Defends Trump Immigration Order

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly is insisting President Trump’s executive order on immigration is neither a ban on Muslims nor a travel ban. He told a news conference today it’s a “temporary pause” that is aimed at protecting the American people. Since the order was signed, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officials announced that more than 700 travelers from seven countries have been denied entry into the U.S. Hardship waivers have been granted to more than 850 refugees. Kelly vowed he “will not gamble with American lives” and said he’ll continue enforcing the order humanely.

White House Slams Dems Over Cabinet Picks

Presidential spokesman Sean Spicer is again slamming Senate Democrats for stalling some of President Trump’s Cabinet picks. At his daily briefing, Spicer called it embarrassing for Democrats. He said Democrats are slowing things down while President Trump continues to take action on a variety of fronts. Democrats are boycotting key committee votes on Trump’s nominees for treasury and health secretaries, effectively putting the nominations on hold. Democrats are angry about President Trump’s executive order on immigration.

Utah Representative Floats Idea Of DC Retrocession

A Republican congressman thinks the best way for Washington, DC residents to get representation is to have it merge with another state. Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz [[ mentioned this morning during a committee hearing on DC oversight, that he’s “exploring” retroceding the District into Maryland. Ward Six Councilmember Charles Allen did not take lightly to Chaffetz’s suggestions. He tweeted that he wanted to “explore the idea” of merging Utah and Colorado, but he wasn’t elected to do so.

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