Trump Plays Down Latest Russia Flap, DUI Fugitive Captured

Trump Plays Down Latest Russia Flap

President Trump is playing down the Russia controversy. In a joint appearance with Turkish President Erdogan at the White House today, Trump said he had a very successful meeting with two Russian officials last week. Trump reportedly revealed some highly classified information about ISIS and aviation security. In an earlier tweet, the President said he has an absolute right to share information about potential terrorism.

DUI Fugitive Captured

A man wanted for a deadly DUI crash is under arrest. Prince George’s County Police say they found Kenneth Kelley last night at a motel on Allentown Road in Suitland. The 27-year-old reportedly skipped a Friday sentencing for a 2014 drunk-driving crash that killed three women and two children. Authorities initially thought Kelley had a GPS monitor removed, but it turns out a judge never issued one to him.

Parents Warned About Potential Whooping Cough Outbreak

Parents in Montgomery County are being warned about a potential whooping cough outbreak. Officials at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda say a student has come down with the highly contagious infection. Parents were sent a letter, telling them to keep an eye out for the symptoms. They typically involve a fever, running nose, and high-pitched coughing. The symptoms are long-lasting too, with painful coughs persisting up to ten weeks.

Cicadas Emerging After 17-Year Slumber

It’s cicada season once again in the Mid-Atlantic region. The cacophonous creatures have emerged in Fairfax, Potomac and Annapolis in recent days after a 17-year gestation period. The insects live above ground for up to two months, half of that time spent making loud chirping noises. This batch was born in the year 2000 and will quickly die after mating. Their offspring will then head underground. We’ll see them again in 2034.

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