Trump Receives Backlash From Police After Law-And-Order Speech

President Donald Trump‘s recent statements in his Law and Order speech has caused scrutiny from law enforcement associations for sending an inappropriate message at a time of intense tensions between police and civilians.

President Trump delivered a very contentious law-and-order speech in Long Island, New York on Friday, announcing that gang members are “animals” and commending law enforcement for being “rough” with citizens.

Trump, who spoke in front of law enforcement officers, applauded the consistent aggressive methods of immigration officers and hinted that police should not protect the heads of those handcuffed being put in the back of a car.

Trump stated, “When you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon. You see them thrown in rough. I said, ‘Please don’t be too nice,” relating to officers covering prisoners’ heads with their hands.

However, various law enforcement associations from Boston to Los Angeles renounced Trump’s statement.

CNN reports that the Suffolk Country Police Department stated, “As a department, we do not and will not tolerate ‘rough(ing)’ up prisoners. The Suffolk County Police Department has strict rules and procedures relating to the handling of prisoners, and violations of those rules and procedures are treated extremely seriously.”

A Boston Police Department also stated that its “priority has been and continues to be building relationships and trust with the community we serve. As a police department we are committed to helping people, not harming them.’

ABC15 reports that Harry Houck, a retired New York Police Department detective, did not agree with any of Trump’s offensive comments. He pointed out officers who were seen laughing during Trump’s speech, which means that they also viewed his comments “as a joke.”

Houck stated, “I don’t think any police officer out there in the right frame of mind would take that as a way of condoning that kind of activity,” he said. “I don’t think it’s really that big of a deal. I think it was just playing to the police officers, trying to get a laugh.”

Some law enforcement groups still found value in Trump’s derogatory statements. Per CNN, John Becker stated, “For the first time in many years we feel we have a president who supports law enforcement.”

The Blue Lives Matter group also tweeted their support of Trump stating that his remarks were made in “jest.”

“Trump didn’t tell police to go out & brutalize people as the media would have you believe,” the tweet claimed. “It was a joke.”

Charles Ramsey, Philadelphia’s former police commissioner, outwardly criticized Trump’s speech. He stated, “We’re not under the direct command of the President,” he stated. “If you engage in misconduct, if you think the President of the United States is going to come and save you, you’re mistaken.”

Ramsey claims that the intentions of the comments made my Trump are what made his speech the most inappropriate. “This is the President of the United States. He’s the commander in chief, not a stand-up comic,” Ramsey noted. “Words matter.”

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