Virginia’s District 28 House Race Is Going To Court, Two Former Med Star Hospital Special Police Go On Trial For Manslaughter…

Virginia’s District 28 House race is going to court…

Democrats have filed a lawsuit in the outcome of Virginia District 28th race. Yesterday the state board certified Republican Bob Thomas the winner of Democrat Joshua Cole. The decision was made despite the fact that 147 voters were given the wrong ballot in the race. Thomas won by 82 votes. As it stands now Republicans
control the house 51 to 49.

Two former Med Star Hospital Special Police go on trial for manslaughter…

Testimony begins today for two former Med Star Hospital special police officers. Clifton Montgomery and Charles Brown face involuntary manslaughter charges in the 2015 death of patient James McBride. His cause of death was blunt force trauma
to his neck. The officers were getting McBride who left the hospital without checking out.

Another female staffer for Congressman John Conyers says she was sexually assaulted…

A second former female staff member for Michigan Congressman John Conyers has come forward to say she was sexually harassed by him. This as 12 former female staff members are speaking out in defense of the Congressman. They released statements say he treated them with respect and never sexually harassed them. Conyers Attorney says his client is willing to help with the investigation.

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