WHUR’s Harold Fisher and Troy Johnson Are In Place for Today’s Rallies At Lafayette Park


Washington, D.C. –  Tense moments hang over much for downtown Washington, D.C. as counter protesters and white nationalists arrive at Lafayette Park just across from the White House.  Police from a variety of departments are standing at the ready to keep the two sides from clashing.  Anti-hate demonstrators far out numbered the white nationalists who had initially said there would be about 400 so-called white civil rights members at today’s rally.  But that number is closer to about two-dozen compared to the thousands of counter protesters and activists who lined the rally route to shout down the white supremacists.

Jason Kessler, who organized the Unite the Right 2 rally, along with the handful of white nationalists was escorted by police in riot gear down the rally route after boarding a train at the Vienna Metro station.


Counter protesters were kept away from the group as the metro train made various stops.  Anti-hate groups were ushered to the front of the trains while Kessler and the other white nationalists were kept on a back train.

WHUR’s Harold Fisher and Troy Johnson are in the midst of the rally getting comments from both sides. Check out their reports at the :35 of every hour on WHUR 96.3FM or just click the listen live button.



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