Northwest DC Murder, Attorney General Nominee Testifies, Resolution Denounces White Supremacy

North Capitol & M street shooting

Another murder on the streets of the nation’s capital.
A man was shot and killed today in the 12-hundred block of North Capitol and M streets in Northwest. Police say the shooting took place around three o’clock this afternoon and the victim was in his twenties. Police say it was not a random shooting and that they have identified a suspect. The name of that suspect and the victim have not been released.

William Barr testifies

Attorney General-nominee William Barr says he wants Special Counsel Robert Mueller to complete his investigation of Russian influence in the 2016 presidential campaign.
That was the big issue swirling around President Trump’s attorney general nominee. During his Senate confirmation hearing today, Barr argued it’s in the country’s best interest for Mueller to produce a final report. Barr said he would refuse a presidential direction to fire Mueller without good cause.  He added that President Trump sought no promises or commitments from him before his nomination and that his allegiance is to the rule of law.  If confirmed, Barr would replace Matt Whitaker, who has served as interim Attorney General since President Trump fired Jeff Sessions shortly after last years mid-term elections.

Congressman denounced for racist comments

The nation will officially celebrate it as national holiday next Monday, but today is the actual 90th birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. Coincidentally, a Congressman named King, first name Steve, was officially reprimanded for racists remarks. The House of Representative passed a resolution today rejecting white nationalism and white supremacy. In a recent New York Times article, Steve King wondered when white supremacy and white nationalist became offensive language. The Iowa congressman has been accused of making racists comments in the past. King was stripped of his committee assignments by Republicans, Republican congresswoman Liz Cheney said she’d like to see King “find another line of work,” and Tim Scott, the Senate’s only black Republican, applauded the action taken against King.