Lost A Loved One Due To COVID? You Could Be Reimbursed

As the pandemic is still in full effect, many wonder what the country is going to do to keep this under control. Now, sources reveal that Congress has a plan that we can all look forward to if things go as planned.

Sadly, many people have lost loved ones due to the coronavirus and with death so unexpected, many couldn’t afford a proper way to let their loved one go. Congress wants to provide some relief to this matter by giving $7,000 to everyone who is eligible. There will be a verification process they say.

The $2 million dollar bill was introduced through the FEMA funds that were remaining and is what will be used to pay out every American. According to CNN, $260 million of this funding will be allocated to New York residents. The funds will be available once the relief bill is passed and will go back for families who lost someone starting January 2020. Let’s cross our fingers that our country is going to help those who need it most.