Mass Shooting In DC Wounds 21 And Kills One

Even though gatherings of no more than 50 people are not allowed without a permit – hundreds met in southeast DC this past weekend. The fun times turned fatal when multiple gunmen fired shots that wounded 21 including an off duty police officer and ended the life of 17 year old Christopher Brown.

One DC Police officer was shot and is “struggling for her life right now,” DC Police Chief Peter Newsham said. She was off duty at the time and was taken to a hospital by police officers on the scene.
Of those shot, two are 17 years old and the rest are adults. The rest of the injuries are not believed to be life-threatening, Newsham said. Police are currently looking for at least three shooters, but Newsham suspects that “it’s probably more.”
DC Mayor Muriel Bowser said, “it is very important that as a community we have zero tolerance for this activity.” This incident is drawing attention to greater problem of gatherings during a pandemic. The chief said it’s a trend happening throughout the DMV — and unfortunately, this one ended tragically. “Nobody can predict that a shooting like this is going to happen at a gathering like this, but we can’t have these large gatherings in the city,” Chief Newsham said at a press conference Sunday.

The Mayor’s COVID-19 guidelines prohibit groups larger than 50, with a possible fine of up to $1,000 for violating it.“It’s important as a community that we have a zero-tolerance for this kind of activity,” Mayor Bowser said Sunday. But, when it comes to enforcement, MPD said recently it is hoping for community compliance. Chief Newsham said they did not have enough officers to break up this party. He did comment Sunday on a gathering from a couple of weeks ago in Oxon Run, where an ANC Commissioner said police did not intervene.