Megan Thee Stallion Confirms Tory Lanez Shot Her !

It has been one of the biggest pop culture mysteries – “Who shot the hot girl and why?” For weeks social media has been playing Nancy Drew trying to figure out what happened on Sunday, July 12 after a pool party at Kylie Jenner’s house, resulting in Lanez getting arrested for a concealed-weapon charge and Megan in the hospital.

No charges were filed against Lanez for shooting as the LAPD had trouble getting witnesses to the shooting to cooperate with their investigation, with initial reports of the incident saying that Megan had not been shot but rather cut her foot on “broken glass.”

Megan, who’s been the butt of tasteless jokes and online trolls since the incident occurred, addresses this in her Instagram Live, saying that she lied to the police because of her anxiety regarding the police, calling the LAPD “aggressive.” “I didn’t get cut by no glass, but let me tell you why they’re saying that,” Megan says. “When the police came because the neighbors called the police … the police come — I’m scared. All this shit going on with the police … I didn’t want to die. I didn’t want the police to shoot me cause there’s a n- – – – with a gun in the car with me.” She says that she should have told the police what happened to her from the very beginning.

She also goes on to discuss thee larger issue of protection as it pertains to black women.