Nipsey Hussle’s Estate Settles Lawsuit Against Crips Organization

The late Nipsey Hussle’s estate has dropped its pending lawsuit against the Crips LLS organization. Yes, you read that right.

Sources reveal that Nipsey’s brother, Samuel, told courts that the estate had reached a settlement and both parties are still “hammering out the terms”. This started back in 2019 when the late rapper was fatally shot and the Crips filed a trademark for one of Nipsey’s famous slogans “The Marathon Continues”. The street gang didn’t plan to move forward with the trademarking as they realize their actions may have been offensive.

Later, they would go on to change their minds after arguing that the Marathon is a common slang term they use and Nipsey, a well known Crip, popularized this. They made it clear they had no intentional of stopping the trademark process and this began a lawsuit.

The details of the settlement has not been released but we are glad there has been an agreement in place. We will update the site with more information.