Not One Single Bullet Fired In 2020 From Newark Police Department

Talk about an achievement! The city of Newark in New Jersey had no bullets fired for the entire year of 2020 from a police officer. They say it’s due to their de-escalation training program. A training program that almost every police officer in the country could use!

In all seriousness, this says a lot about their police department. “This is proof-positive that our de-escalation training is highly effective. Our officers have embraced de-escalation training and are actively employing this resource when engaging with the community” says their Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose in a comment.

“Our training also played a huge role in Newark having zero violence during this year’s protests of the murder of George Floyd. The community and police works together to ensure that non-Newark residents, who came here to protest, did not initiate any violence in our city”.

Now, the streak has broken according to sources, a 39 year old man was killed by gunfire on New Years Day by police. The story is unknown at this moment but we still commend the city for their hard work and dedication towards keeping their city safe and doing their duties as police officers.