Rapper Lil Baby Visits White House to Meet VP Harris and Other Leaders

Rapper Lil Baby gave a shoutout to Vice President Harris for meeting with him and holding an “open discussion.”

The rapper on Wednesday shared photos of his meeting with Harris on Instagram, thanking her for giving him the opportunity to speak with her.

“Big shoutout to @vp for taking the time out her busy day to sit with me an have an open discussion! #wegottastartsomewhere,” Baby said in his post.

The Atlanta-based rapper also took a photo opportunity with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) as well.

While many saw the visit as a positive step in the right direction, others were a little more skeptical. One twitter user wrote, “That’s what’s up lil baby I have a new level of respect for you this made my day I wish I could shake your hand,” while another wrote, “This is all a photo opp. Rappers are not political leaders!!!! Get these clowns outta here.”