Still Setting Record High COVID Numbers, Here’s What Experts Think Will Happen Next

As we prepare for the 2021, the pandemic is still showing rising numbers as the US just hit another record for cases.

There were over 3,500 deaths reported in the U.S for just yesterday and the outlook for January shows an increase in cases. With the holidays and others not practicing COVID restrictions, experts say more than 80,000 Americans can die over the next three years if the trend continues. This forecast from the CDC comes after vaccines have been distributed around the country.

The US set a record for coronavirus hospitalizations on Wednesday with over 125,000 patients in the hospital due to COVID. Experts say the vaccine won’t make a huge difference until it is fully available to the public. They estimate that this will happen next summer. Huge cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and New Orleans have been on strict stay at home orders until after the new year. Small cities are still practicing safe COVID rules but many are still having celebratory gatherings and traveling all over the U.S.

This can create a huge surge for next year as the country doesn’t seem to be making much progress. Officials say “We need to be doing a better job on vaccine rollout”. It seems like they are doing the best they can as 2.7 million vaccines have already been administered. This is a small percentage of our population but better than nothing.