Studies Show Those Who Test Positive For COVID-19 May Be At Risk Of A Mental Illness


A study was conducted this week that analyzed the health records of 69 million people in the United States, where 62,000 of that number tested positive for COVID-19. The study showed that one in five survivors of COVID was later diagnosed with some sort of mental disorder including anxiety, insomnia and depression.

Scientists also found other mental disorders that were diagnosed to survivors like dementia and other psychiatric disorders within 90 of being diagnosed with coronavirus. The author of the study stated that “The virus might be directly affecting the brain, maybe through the immune system, which leads to the mental health problem”.

With the country being on lockdown majority of the year, it is not unlikely that people are developing mental health problems. Life has changed for some of the population and imagine being diagnosed with the disease. “The experience of having COVID-19 and understanding all the things that might have happened to you with all the fears and concerns that the virus led people to have, may also be a reason” says the author. He warns that health service providers who care for mental health should prepare for new cases.