Leading Through Serving: Is That How Great Leaders Are Made?

What makes a good leader? Are leaders born or are they made? Our guest tonight says in order to be a great leader, you must start with having a heart to serve.  Antar Muhammad has been serving alongside Bishop T.D. Jakes for two decades. He’s out with a new book entitled “HEARTcore:  Effective Leadership Starts With A Servant’s Heart,” in which he chronicles his tenure with Bishop Jakes and he shares his tried and true methods of leading thru service.

Starting as a church volunteer more than twenty years ago, it was his servant leadership that stood out from the rest, which caught Jakes’ eye and eventually led to him being offered a full-time position. “After working many internal roles at our church, Antar Muhammad eventually came to serve at my side as Executive Coordinator, said T.D. Jakes in the foreword for HEARTcore. “This position is a challenging one that has him serving across generational, racial, denominational and occupational lines with distinction and a commitment to think forward, plan for the future and yet be present in the moment. He has been on the front lines when others were grieving and has helped to expedite the needs of the pomp and circumstance of the consecration of Bishops or the inaugurations of Presidents.”

In HEARTcore, a book that can be applicable to corporations, religious institutions, non-profits or other organizations, Muhammad walks the reader through how to find and define their core and obtain life balance. He also shares the principles of team building as well as the 10 Commandments for HEARTcore leadership.

“HEARTcore leadership is about turning your inside passion outward and flowing from that space,” said Muhammad has more than two decades of impact-driven servant leadership in his capacity as father, husband, advocate, nonprofit founder and executive coordinator to T.D. Jakes. “It energizes you, refuels you, fulfills you and makes you a better person and people around you better. You’ll come to discover that as you’re serving others, it’s actually serving you! Servant leadership is reciprocal and rewarding.”



Renee Nash

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