Medical Monday: Men Avoiding A Stroke & Heart Attack

We often talk about heart health and managing our blood pleasure but it was sad to hear that we lost two entertainers from a stroke. The passing of the actor Luke Perry and director John Singleton was a wake up call to men’s health.  We also can not forget about R&B singer Peabo Bryson is recovering from a heart attack. Tonight, we’re having a conversation with our men about ignoring the signs….


According to a 2014 Center for Disease Control report, life expectancy among Black men in the U.S. is precisely 72.2 years—significantly shorter than white men at 76.5 years and white women at 81.2 years. Black women, however, fair slightly better than Black men with a life expectancy of 78.2 years.


Dr. Yolanda Lewis-Ragland-Board Certified Bariatrician & Pediatrician

Mandrell Birks- HUR Voices Sirius XM’s  Personality