Young, Gifted and Frisked

Young, Gifted and Frisked is an examination of what appears to be a resurgence of stop and frisk policies by police across the nation.  This was last part of a national conversation when former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg ran for president.  Now the issue is back in the form of uncomfortable interactions with police and young black men and teenagers.

Just last week the DC ACLU released a report saying stop and frisk tactics used by the Metropolitan Police Department are racially biased.  More than 70% of stops made by DC Police between July and December of last year were of black people.  But African-Americans make up only 47% of the population.






Dr. Robert Wingfield, Chief Psychologist and Clinic Director, Boys Town Washington, DC

Kichelle Coleman, Executive Director, Boys Town Washington, DC

Jualow Lloyd, 25-year-old Security Guard

Ayize Sabater, 24-year-old Student, Morgan State University