New Year, New Me! A Few Self Care Rituals To Start Off The New Year.

Every year, you find yourself making a resolution to change your bad habits and start fresh! After the year we’ve ALL had, it’s only right to invest in some self-care to kick off your new year.

Self-care is more than treating yourself to a manicure and a hot bath. It is more-so committing yourself to partake in something that will better yourself. You can’t get self-care wrong, but there are ways to elevate your activities.

  1. Cooking a nice, hearty breakfast! Play your favorite tunes while you chop up fresh fruit and prepare the most important meal of the day! You’re guaranteed a great day if you incorporate breakfast in your daily routine.
  2. Doing your favorite beauty/skin care ritual twice a week! We know how hard it can be to exfoliate and apply a mask on a daily basis. Just imagine dedicating two days out of the week to giving yourself a facial, grooming your beard or simply applying your favorite face mask! A refreshed face can be the start to a great week and contribute to your overall mental health.
  3. Cleaning the house/common area! There is nothing like a clean house, especially with majority of the country working from home or virtual learning with their children in school. Even if you start small by cleaning one room, you’ll feel relived knowing that it is one less chore to do during your free time.
  4. Writing! Writing is often overlooked or deemed as ‘boring’ but can truly help when feeling flustered. With so many tasks, it’s hard for your brain to process how to keep up without getting overwhelmed. Try writing your tasks and goals down for a more effective way of completing them!

Hopefully, these few self-care recommendations help you kick off the new year in a new way! We are leaving 2020 behind and starting fresh! Hello 2021!!