The Journey: “Dr. Maureen Bell & Roy Dunlap – Howard University Hospital and the Covid-19 Vaccine”


The coronavirus pandemic has taken a significant and disproportionate toll on communities of color. To move past the pandemic and secure our community from its devastating effects, we must do what is necessary to protect ourselves and others. When the time comes, men and women of color have to get vaccinated. Not only are the approved vaccines safe, but they have also proven to be more than 90% effective. While we must continue to keep our social distance, wear a mask and wash our hands for twenty seconds, nothing will help put an end to the pandemic like getting the vaccine.  On today’s episode of “The Journey,” President Frederick speaks with Dr. Maureen Bell, the Chair of Emergency Medicine at Howard University Hospital, and Roy Dunlap, the Director of Environmental and Guest Services at Howard University Hospital.

Air Date: January 24, 2021