THE JOURNEY: “Kurt Schmoke – Champion for Justice, Education and The People”

The Journey - Kurt Schmoke


On this episode of The Journey, President Wayne Frederick chats with Mr. Kurt Schmoke about his lifelong experiences that prepared him to be the first African American mayor of Baltimore, Dean of the Howard Law School, the President of the University of Baltimore and a voice for those who are underserved.

Air Date: December 6, 2015


Dr. Wayne A.I. Frederick

As the 17th President of Howard University, Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick is dedicated to extending the legacy of Howard University as a world-renowned academic and research institution. Dr. Frederick has a deeply personal relationship with Howard University and represents the mosaic of the 80,000 + living alumni who are connected to the University as well as the students, staff and faculty members who are invested in Howard University’s success.

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