‘Fly Eagles, Fly’

Where do I begin? Chicken wings? Chips and dip? Who made these little pepper boat thingies? Is that a Taquito? Oooohhh…lasagna! Wait, I’m sorry. I got distracted. Hey, the Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl Champions! The “City of Brotherly Love” is now the home of the Super Bowl LII Champs and I want to run a few highlights past you as we celebrate the culmination of one of the more memorable (for many reasons) football seasons in NFL history. So, take a seat and pass me a napkin as we recall some of the more memorable moments from last night’s’ game.

With the temperature outside of US Bank Stadium hovering at a balmy 0 degrees, those fortunate enough to attend Super Bowl LII were given the warmest of welcomes to the game with a ‘power through’ rendition of the National Anthem sung by multi-grammy award winner Pink. She had the flu. And she still gave it her all. I miss Whitney.

1st Quarter:
The Eagles offense came out on fire with quarterback Nick Foles leading the offense down field to strike first and put a quick 3 points of the scoreboard. The Patriots answered that call with 3 points of their own. But, Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffery was quick to respond with his own 34 yard touchdown reception to put the Eagles up 9-3 to end the first quarter, after a missed extra point attempt.

2nd Quarter:
Brandin Cooks…the hit Malcolm Jenkins put on Brandin was seen by everyone and was a clean hit. However, it was so powerful that it left Cooks down on the turf for quite awhile and sent him into NFL concussion protocol. He would not return to the game. The official statement from the team was that it was a head injury.

LaGarrette Blount’s running game was too much for the Patriot defense. They should’ve known that seeing as he played for them last season. A 20-yard touchdown run from the former Patriot running back put the Eagles up 15-6 as the running game would prove to be a point of contention for New England. Between Blount, Jay Ajayi, and Corey Clement, it’s a wonder there weren’t more explosive long runs by the Eagles.

The Play of the game, in my humble opinion, came on a trick play by the Eagles were Nick Foles caught a touchdown pass from running back Jay Ajayi to put the Eagles up 21-12. That play call goes down in history as one of the most creative and aggressive calls in the Super Bowl! When it works, you’re a genius.

Justin Timberlake. No Janet Jackson. Prince on video on a sheet. I mean, it wasn’t an actual hologram, but still.

3rd Quarter:
This is the period when both teams started airing it out and glancing at each other’s playbook. There are so many plays that mattered that it would be easier for me to give detailed descriptions of Gabrielle Union’s wardrobe in the last season of ‘Being Mary Jane’ than break down all these moments. I humbly ask you to refer to videos…a.k.a. check the tape! lol

4th Quarter:
What more can you want from a 4th quarter in a Super Bowl? They say defense wins championships…and it did. Eagles Defensive End Brandon Graham stripped Tom Brady and Rookie Derek Barnett recovered it to give the Eagles one more chance to stop the Patriot comeback. It all came down to Tom Brady avoiding a game-ending sack to throw a 55 yard Hail Mary to Rob Gronkowski. Good thing for Philly there were 5 defenders in the area to knock the ball down and thus lock the Eagles into the history books as Super Bowl winners. With this win, the NFC East division is the first division with all the teams have at least one Super Bowl victory. That just leaves two more before they catch the Washington Redskins. #HTTR

Post Game:
Kevin Hart was denied access to the victory podium and he then dropped an F-bomb live on NFL Network during their post-game wrap-up. But hey, he’s from Philly so…

At the end of the day, it’s all about a giving the fans a great product on the biggest stage and this year’s big game delivered that and more. I’m certain there will be myriad think-pieces written about the game, music, and social climate. However, I’ll simply leave you with some stats, courtesy of my friends at SBNation, and a well wish until next season when the winds of victory may blow just south of Philly and right into FedEx Field! See you next season!

Some stats(Courtesy: SBNation):

Total yards: Patriots 613, Eagles 538.

Third down conversions: Eagles 10-for-16, Patriots 5-for-10.

Foles — sorry, Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles — went 28-for-43 for 373 yards, three touchdowns, and a touchdown reception. Nick Foles did that!

Brady in a losing effort: 28-for-48 for 505 yards and three touchdowns. He took just one sack and threw no picks, but the one sack was a killer.

Corey Clement (PHI): three carries for eight yards, four catches for 100 yards.

LeGarrette Blount and Jay Ajayi (PHI): 23 carries for 147 yards and a touchdown.

Danny Amendola and Chris Hogan (NE): 19 targets, 14 catches, 280 yards, one score.

Rob Gronkowski (NE): 15 targets, nine catches, 116 yards, two touchdowns.

Zach Ertz (PHI): nine targets, seven catches, 67 yards, and a touchdown.

Brandon Graham (PHI): the game’s only sack

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