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The PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics have come to an end and there’s no time like the present to give you a brief and albeit mild humorous recap of some of the most memorable performances and of course, the medal count. Although we might not be familiar with the names of some of the names of each competition, we can confidently say that the names of the victors will forever remain fixtures in the history books. Note: this is about what happened IN the games not AT the games(think politics) lol.

Opening Ceremonies: EVERYBODY wins this event, and the should! In the spirit of the Games, the Opening Ceremonies are meant to showcase the grace and grandeur of each country represented by parading the smiles and ambitions of the best athletes each respective country has to offer.

For each game, you’ll get an informal description and the medalists for the USA.

Alpine Skiing: Hop on some skis and go downhill as fast as you can…without crashing!
USA Placement:
Women: (Gold) Mikaela Shiffrin: Ladies’ Giant Slalom, (Silver) Ladies’ Alpine Combined;
(Bronze) Lindsey Vonn: Ladies’ Downhill

Biathlon: Take cross-country skiing add in some target shooting and viola…Biathlon!
USA Placement: N/A

Bobsleigh: Remember the film ‘Cool Runnings’ and make this version with 2 people instead of 4.
USA Placement:
Women: (Gold) Team USA: Elana Meyers Taylor, Lauren Gibbs

Cross-Country Skiing: Think of it as a marathon (26.2 miles) on skis! Talk about endurance!
USA Placement:
Women: (Gold) Team USA: Kikkan Randall, Jessica Diggins

Curling: Ever scrubbed the floor with all your might? Do that with shuffleboard in mind and you have Curling!
USA Placement:
Men: (Gold) Team USA: John Shuster, Tyler George, Matt Hamilton, John Landsteiner, Joe Polo

Figure Skating: Can you roller skate? Do tricks? With judges? Well, do that on ice without messing up!
USA Placement:
(Bronze) Team USA Pair: Maia Shibutani/ Alex Shibutani, (Bronze) Team USA: Team Event

Freestyle Skiing: It’s exactly how it sounds except you have to land tricks that the judges watch closely! Oh yeah, don’t crash.
USA Placement:
Men: (Gold) David Wise: Men’s Ski Halfpipe; (Silver) Alex Ferreira: Men’s Ski Halfpipe; (Silver) Nick Goepper: Mens’ Ski Slopestyle
Women: (Bronze) Brita Sigourney: Ladies’ Ski Halfpipe

Ice Hockey: It’s hockey but played against the world instead of the NHL. Fun to watch, too!
USA Placement:
Women: (Gold) Team USA

Luge: Remember sledding back in the day? Do it on your back going really fast!
USA Placement:
Men: (Silver) Chris Mazdzer: Men’s Singles

Nordic Combined: Cross-country skiing and ski jumping…combined!
USA Placement: N/A

Short Track Speed Skating: Self-explanatory, really. Skate fast on a short-loop track.
USA Placement:
Men: (Silver) John-Henry Krueger: Men’s 1,000m

Skeleton: Remember luge? Do it on your stomach going really fast!
USA Placement: N/A

Ski Jumping: Ski downhill really fast, jump and then land on your feet!
USA Placement: N/A

Snowboard: Tricks and stunts on a snowboard without falling!
USA Placement:
Men: (Gold) Shaun White: Men’s Halfpipe; (Gold) Redmond Gerard: Men’s Slopestyle; (Silver) Kyle Mack: Men’s Big Air
Women: (Gold) Chloe Kim: Ladies’ Halfpipe; (Gold) Jamie Anderson: Ladies’ Slopestyle; (Bronze) Arielle Gold: Ladies’ Halfpipe

Speed Skating: It’s literally exactly how it sounds.
USA Placement:
Women: (Bronze) Team USA: Ladies’ Team Pursuit

Overall Medal Count: 23!

23 Medals was the final tally of medals for the United States; 9 Gold, 8 Silver, & 6 Bronze. That performance was good enough to earn 4th place overall in the Medal Count. Norway came in first with 39 Medals, followed by Germany with 31 and Canada with 29. Suffice it to say, the countries that spend the most time in wintry conditions should be at the forefront of Winter Olympic performance, right?

There you have it! The Winter Olympics are done until the 2022 Beijing Olympics. Over the next four years, you can expect some of the premiere athletes across the globe to train and discipline themselves for their shot at Olympic glory. Some of them may be in your back yard…you never know! As for our Olympic coverage, we’ll see you in 2020 for the Tokyo Summer Olympics!

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