Washington Redskins Welcome QB Alex Smith

So that happened! In a move that surely has Redskins fans stuck in emotional limbo, the Washington Redskins have agreed to trade for QB Alex Smith in exchange for a 3rd-Round Draft pick and CB Kendall Fuller. Breathe…! Now, let’s look beyond the emotional impact of what occurred and get down to the brass tacks and discover the potential benefits of this move. Here are three notes I think might be helpful as we process the reality of a new QB in DC!

Who is Alex Smith? Alex Smith is a 33 yr old former first-round draft pick by the San Francisco 49ers in 2005. The deal he is reported to sign is worth an average $23.5 million per year with $70 million guaranteed over the next 4 years. With 31,888 career passing yards, 183 touchdowns, 96 interceptions, and a 62% completion percentage, I’d say experience is not a point of concern. However, some would say the 5 year age difference between he and Kirk Cousins(29) is something that shouldn’t be ignored. I agree, it shouldn’t be ignored, but I also can’t ignore what occurred during that time. What about the time Alex spent scratching and surviving during the 2005-2010 campaigns with the 49ers that can at best be described as putrid? Surviving that alone is worth a free car! But, in 2011, it all turned around due to the presence of former NFL QB and Coach Jim Harbaugh. By the time the 2011 season was finished, Smith had helped lead the 49ers to a 13–3 record in the regular season, including five come-from-behind victories in which four were on the road, and the 49ers earned a first-round bye in the playoffs. After 3 head coaches, 7 offensive coordinators, and 17 different starting wide receivers in the span of 7 seasons with the 49ers, Smith would finally make his first playoff appearance. Building on that success going into the 2012 season, Smith was projected to repeat his 2011 performance but was limited due to injury and replaced by Colin Kaepernick, who would take the 49ers to the Super Bowl before losing to the Baltimore Ravens. Alex spent the next 5 years with the Kansas City Chiefs contributing 17,608 passing yards, 102 touchdowns, 34 interceptions, 65% completion percentage. And, his best season with KC was in 2017…last season! But what about Kirk?

What happens to Kirk Cousins? As of this moment, Kirk Cousins is a Free Agent who is available to test the open market for his services. It is rumored that the Denver Broncos have interest in him, but have yet to make an official offer. In the football world, if you have two starting QBs then you actually have none. That being said, the Redskins have no desire or need to retain Kirk or the humongous salary requirement that accompanies him. Remember that over the past two seasons, Kirk was playing under the NFL Franchise tag that compensated him $20M and $24M in consecutive seasons. Throughout that time, neither parties involved could agree on a long-term deal, and that was a point of consternation for both Kirk and the team. Since becoming Washington’s starting quarterback in 2015, Cousins has completed 1,132 of 1,689 attempts (67 percent) for 13,176 yards, 81 touchdowns and 36 interceptions.Basically, he and Alex aren’t too dissimilar. However, when it comes to playoff wins, Alex Smith is 2-5 compared to Kirk’s 0-2 record. Experience counts!

What did the Redskins lose? Giving up a 3rd-round pick isn’t too painful. What hurts is the fact that Alex gets the contract Kirk couldn’t solidify and the reality of losing CB Kendall Fuller. Fuller is a talented young cornerback with an undefined upside. Playing opposite of Josh Norman has proven beneficial for Fuller as teams tend to throw away from Norman. That being considered, I can’t wholly shed tears about his departure due to me belief it is easier to replace a CB than a QB. Cornerbacks tend to play in conjunction with the secondary defensive players while Quarterbacks are responsible for the management and execution of the entire offense. To put it plainly, the Redskins can always get another CB; especially after locking in the QB they think can get them over their recent streak of mediocrity while freeing up money to acquire other key players and targets. Fret not for Fuller. He’s a good player and he’ll flourish in KC, playing alongside Marcus Peters, Darrell Revis, and Eric Berry.

All in all, this is not a bad move by the Redskins. With a fanbase eager to stay in the hunt for a championship like the rest of the NFC East, it makes all sense for them to be aggressive and get the guy they feel is going to allow them the freedom to acquire other crucial players and the confidence to trust their offense in the hand of a man who has flourished under Jim Harbaugh and Andy Reid. If you’re tired of watching the Redskins go 8-8 or go 1-and-done in the playoffs, then this is the time to pull out your jerseys and sing ‘Hail to the Redskins” with pride. Alex Smith is a winner, and in this trade, so are the Redskins. #HTTR!

Wes Hall

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