‘Steve Harvey Morning Show’ Staffer Found Dead

We are sad to report a member of the Steve Harvey Morning Show team has died. Bryan Cooke, an assistant of Harvey’s co-host Kier “Junior” Spates, was found dead at his hotel room in Atlanta on Sunday. He was 39.

According to reports, Spates asked hotel staff to assist him in locating Cooke after having trouble reaching him for a flight Sunday morning. Once Spates and hotel staff entered the room, they found Cooke face-down with blood and vomit coming from his mouth. Cooke was also cold to the touch.

Spates reports he and Cooke were out smoking cigars the night before. News reports indicate prescription ills were found on a nightstand but it has not been confirmed whether or not they contributed to Cooke’s death.

Junior shared a video of fun times with Cooke on his Facebook page Wednesday with the caption —

“Just a little something to show y’all how much of a friend he was. We would come up with anything. Please meet ‘BABYFACE’ Johnson and his right hand man BRYAN COOKE. This made me smile today. Love you man! Thanks for all of the laughs.”

We here at WHUR send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Bryan Cooke.


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