10 Top Travel Destinations On A Budget

One of the biggest misconceptions about traveling is that it is uber expensive and you need to be a millionaire to see the world. The reality is travel is actually very affordable. With the rise of travel apps and booking sites, you can virtually find deals anywhere.

Here is a list of travel destinations you can enjoy while on a budget.


Want the perks of the Caribbean minus the astronomical prices? Haiti is the perfect destination. But be sure to travel off-season when the flights are cheap and the hotels range from $50-$150 a night.


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You may have to splurge on airfare but once you land, you’ll be living like a queen. Navigating around the country while dining on delicious food will cost you just pennies.

Costa Rica

Explore the beaches, rainforest, waterfalls and natural beauty of Costa Rica. Several National parks are free, public transportation is cheap and meals are very affordable.


Belize is perfect for a romantic getaway on a tight budget. You can book a 4-star hotel for less than $100 a night which would leave room for fun excursions. And how about a fancy meal for two for less $30. You can’t beat that deal with a stick!

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico requires no passport or currency exchange because it is a US territory. Travel off-season between April through mid-December for the best deals.

Mazatlan, Mexico

So this might excite you. The current exchange rate is 20.69 Mexican pesos for $1. Mazatlan isn’t as popular as other Mexican destinations and it is the shrimp capital of Mexico.


You could find a flight from NYC to Morocco for $400 roundtrip. As one of the most affordable African countries, a meal can cost anywhere between $2 to $15 for two and includes an appetizer, entree and unlimited tea.

Madrid, Spain

Spain is less expensive than the rest of Europe especially when you travel September, October, April and May. Tapas, wine and public travel are very affordable so you have extra cash to splurge on shopping.

Crete, Greece

With the U.S. dollar having more power against the euro, traveling to Greece is cheaper than ever. Crete has the freshest seafood and created the idea of “farm-to-table” well before it was a fad.

Bali, Indonesia

Believe it or not Bali is very inexpensive. Royal accommodations, affordable meals and priceless scenery makes this trip an absolute must. A private villa for around $50 per night is not a hard find.

So now that you know you can afford to travel outside the US, do your research and travel off-season to take advantage of the best deals. Now book those flights!


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