Angela Rye Breaks Down While Discussing Racism In The Republican Party

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Angela Rye gave an emotional response to a Republican Senator’s acknowledgement of racism within the republican party and Donald Trump’s role in the party’s “racist” tactics.

Rye was on a panel with CNN discussing blatant racists being on ballots and running for office today. The conversation took a turn to the discussion of Donald Trump and the normalization of racism and racist attacks on marginalized people in America. This led Republican commentator Alice Stewart to profess her loyalty to the GOP above morality.

“But at the end of the day, like I said, he wasn’t my first, second, third, fourth or fifth choice for the Republican nominee, but he ended up being the party’s nominee. And I am a Republican, I’m going to support Republican candidates when that is the choice,” Stewart said before being cut off by host Don Lemon.

Former U.S. Representative, and republican, David Jolly, finally broke his silence and called Donald Trump a racist.

“Don, I hate these conversations because it forces Republicans to confront a reality that I believe, which is this president is racist. And whether that is a result of some type of financial elitism, whether it is because of being born on third base through white privilege or whether it is a part of Steve Bannon’s nationalism, this is why traditional Republicans struggle with his leadership.”

“We can’t forgive it. We can’t normalize it. We can’t suggest that he can be the figure of a party that we subscribe to. It’s heartbreaking. It is not an easy conversation. It sucks. Everything about it sucks. But, this is the president, and he is the leader of the Republican Party, and he continues to peddle what is very clearly racist tendencies.”

Upon hearing Jolly’s admission of racism within his own party, Rye became emotional and eventually began crying while thanking him for speaking up.

“I just want to say, Congressman, like, I wish that the new members, the folks who have followed in your footsteps could at least acknowledge that. That’s all so many of us are saying. At this point, I’m emotional.”

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