Barack Obama Getting Into 2020 Race

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As reported in Vanity Fair, former POTUS, Barack Obama is quietly getting involved in the 2020 presidential race, sources say.

Obama has been seen meeting with at least nine different possible Democratic presidential candidates such as  democratic-socialist Bernie Sanders, former Massachusetts governor and close friend Deval Patrick, and financial-reform crusader Elizabeth Warren, among others, Politico reports.

The former president is also reportedly in talks with former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, Los Angeles and Southbend mayors Eric Garcetti and Pete Buttigeig, as well as former Army National Guard Captain, Jason Kander. Kander once considered a presidential bid, but the dream was deflated after losing his Missouri Senatorial bid in 2016.

According to different sources close to all parties, all the meetings last an hour with Obama offering guidance and advice. Reportedly, he tends to talk about the future of the Democratic party and everyone’s place in it.

The ex-commander-in-chief’s advice: stick to the issues that matter to people, don’t get distracted, and don’t define yourself in the negative.

While he seems to be quietly, but heavily involved in the upcoming presidential elections, Obama is sticking with his game plan by steering clear of midterm endorsements. Politico reports he will not be endorsing anyone as president until the party stands behind one nominee.
Young voters can still keep the dream alive that Obama and Biden’s reported “Bromance” lives on. There is also talk Barack Obama’s former Vice President and long time friend, Joe Biden, might make his own presidential run. However, sources say Biden’s presidential bid has yet to come up in talks as Obama is “waiting on his friend to make a decision.”


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