Betsy DeVos Plans To Spend Millions On School Vouchers; Recent Studies Say Vouchers Don’t Work

Donald Trump’s proposed 2018 budget includes $250 million for voucher initiatives, state-funded programs that pay for students to go to private school. Another $1 billion is set aside for encouraging schools to adopt school choice-friendly policies. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos believes vouchers would lead to better educational outcomes for students.

A couple of new studies, released Monday, report that voucher programs don’t improve students’ performance on standardized tests, one quantifiable method of testing educational outcomes.

“There may be some places where vouchers are working for some students, but generally we need to understand a lot more about the conditions under which vouchers are effective or not,” Mark Berends, co-author of the Indiana study, told TIME.

The study found that voucher programs did not produce improvement on students’ test scores. A second study found that Indiana’s 34,000-student program had a negligible effect on educational performance for children in third grade through eighth grade from 2011 to 2015.


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